Cookies take the cake…and the pie…this 4th of July!

June 29, 2018

Reports from across the nation are pouring in like ice cold milk into a tall glass. Cookies are the best picnic and backyard barbeque dessert this Independence Day!

Granny Smith says, “Apple pie can be messy, and who wants to worry about needing extra plates and silverware? I want something I can hold in my hand!”

“I caught the little parade mascot sticking her fingers in the fruit salad!” exclaimed Mr. Plum, “I sure wish someone had brought something tasty that was individually wrapped!”

One man who wished to remain anonymous confided, “I know my wife works really hard trying to make all these fancy concoctions she finds on social media, but I really wish she’d just order some gourmet cookies to be delivered and spend all that time with me instead!”

There you have it. Gourmet cookie treats delivered straight from Carolina Cookie Company to your door will give you the freedom to enjoy yourself this Fourth of July. So check out our deals and don’t forget the red, white and blue ribbon boxes!

Check back with us next week when ace reporter Mac Adamia concludes his investigative report entitled “We like our chips chunky and we’re proud of it!”

(Names may have been changed to protect the hungry)