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Our sale items are packaging styles of which we have either very low or excessively high inventory. Our gourmet cookies are baked fresh daily and we offer our freshness guarantee on sale purchases, just as we would for products purchased at regular price. Please remember that your fresh baked cookies are meant to be enjoyed within 3-5 days after delivery, and should not be saved for gifting at a later date.

12 Rozski & 12 Cookies

Rozski & Gourmet Cookie Combo


24 Assorted Rozski



12 Rugelach & 12 Gourmet Cookies

Rugelach & Gourmet Cookie Combo


24 Rugelach



Internet Only Sale

Gold Star Cookie Box – Red


Kolachi Nut or Fruit Roll


24 Cream Cheese Cookies

Cream Cheese Cookies


24 Pecan Tarts

Pecan Tarts


12 Bars & 12 Gourmet Cookies

Bar and Gourmet Cookie Combo


12 Bars

Large Bar Box


8 Bars

Favorite Bar Box


12 Cream Cheese & 12 Gourmet Cookies

Cream Cheese Cookie and Gourmet Cookie Combo