Peanut Butter Ganache-filled Cookie Recipe

June 17, 2016

June 12 is Peanut Butter Cookie Day, and Carolina Cookie Company sells a fabulous peanut butter cookie.  A dessert that will not disappoint is to add a ganache filling between two peanut butter cookies. Try this yummy recipe in celebration!

I N G R E D I E N T S:

24 Carolina Cookie Peanut Butter cookies (makes a dozen peanut butter ganache filled cookies)

8 ounces of semi-sweet chocolate

1 cup heavy cream

2 T unsalted butter

D I R E C T I O N S:

For the ganache, break the chocolate into very small little chunks and put into a heat resistant bowl.  Bring 1 cup of heavy cream to a boil and pour over the chocolate chunks.  Use a wire whisk to combine the cream and chocolate, stirring until smooth.  Add the unsalted butter.  Let the mixture sit at room temperature for four hours.  Mixture should be creamy and spreadable.

Now spread the chocolate ganache between two peanut butter cookies….AND…ENJOY!