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Oatmeal Cranberry Nut
Peanut Butter
Oatmeal Raisin

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Salted Caramel Chunky Chocolate
Oatmeal Raisin
Chunky Chocolate

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Cute and cuddly, our Plush Brown Bear filled with 6 gourmet cookies is sure to melt their hearts and satisfy their sweet tooth. This Valentine’s Day cookie gift sends lots of love right to the door of your sweetie or any special person in your life. Freshly baked and packed all on the same day, a Valentine’s cookie delivery from Carolina Cookie Company always arrives fresh and delicious. (PTB6CS)

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33 reviews for Plush Brown Bear with Cookies

  1. Patricia

    I have never been so pleases with any company as I am with Carolina Cookie Company. They are absolutely amazing!!

  2. Kim Mech

    I sent these to my sister – she said the bear was cute and the cookies were amazing !

  3. Charles Giudice

    The gift was sent to my daughter and she was very pleased with it. especially the fact that there were a limited amount of cookies with it, because she is always watching her weight. my only short coming with the order was that the shipping was almost as much as the gift.

  4. Teresa Hartline

    Was very pleased.The receiver was very pleased and loved the cookie.

  5. Jillian

    The perfect gift to send my friend who just had a baby. She said the cookies were delicious and the presentation was adorable!

  6. Mary

    Perfect gift for a special child !

  7. Marie

    My grandaughter said she liked it.

  8. Roxann

    I sent this to my granddaughter for Valentine’so Day and she loved it and she also loved the cookies

  9. Roxann Clements

    I sent this to my granddaughter for Valentine’so Day and she loved it and she also loved the cookies

  10. Kindell Barrett

    Got these items as a gift they were loved and cookies was delicious

  11. Patricia

    Sent these to kids for Valentines and they were a big hit.

  12. Suzanne L Bennett

    The cookie bears were a big hit with my grandchildren and they were delivered exactly as promised for Valentines. Thank you from a cross-country Grandma.

  13. Joy

    Sent the chocolate chip cookies to my grandchildren – ages 7 and 4 – for Valentines Day. They LOVED it! Cookies were wonderful and the bear was adorable.

  14. Judy shereck

    Order was very smooth process. My grandchildren loved the Valentine’s Day gift. Very happy

  15. Bernadette McLaren

    Very cute teddy bear and perfect amount of cookies for a Valentine’s treat.

  16. Karen Stinnett

    Order was delicious

  17. Kathy

    Just adorable! Boys & girls really enjoyed the cookies & Teddy Bear. Teddy’s tummy can be filled with secret items, candy, small toys or use as a bank!!

  18. Shari

    We sent the little bear with the no-nut assorted cookies to a new colleague who was having a birthday. She is in another state, so we don’t get to see her, take her to lunch, etc. She loved the bear and said the cookies were delicious. It was a great and very inexpensive way to welcome her (unfortunately, the postage doubled the price, but it was still worth it).

  19. Sally M Lamperti

    I sent 3 of these to my 2, 4, and 6 years old granddaughters and they were a HUGE success.

  20. Cecilia Upchurch

    This adorable bear was purchased for a little girl…she absolutely love it.

  21. Kathleen Danz

    I purchased this little bear for my granddaughter. It is so cute and the cookies were delicious. A great and very unique gift!

  22. TMM

    This is a nice product that was delivered on time. Great work Carolina Cookie Company!

  23. Nelson Catlin

    Our grandson was so excited when he opened the package he is 3 and loves getting things in the mail. Great service and products.

  24. Nancy Brewer

    As always, my grandkids enjoyed their cookies. Great for college kids!

  25. Patricia S Snipes

    Our granddaughters loved their bear with cookies

  26. Virginia McCarty

    I recently purchased the teddy bear stuffed with cookies for my 6 y/o grandson. He was so excited the package was for him and then he opened it…the potbelly bear stuffed with cookies was the bomb! It was so cute and the cookies are really good. Each cookie was individually wrapped so he could pick which one he wanted and could save the rest of the cookies for later. It was the best just because I love you present ever! Thank you, Virginia

  27. Rita Willman

    I ordered the teddy bear & 6 cookies for both my granddaughters, & for my own household. My granddaughters chose chocolate chip, & we chose peanut butter. Everyone loved the cookies! They were delicious, & we appreciated that they were individually wrapped for freshness. This was a sweet gift in more ways than one. My bear is a bit different from the one shown, but it’s still really cute. I’d definitely recommend this as a delightful purchase.

  28. Valerie Marshall

    I sent this to my child who’s away at college and it was a hit!

  29. Jodi Young

    Best cookies great service definitely recommend. Will be purchasing more.

  30. Pat Kylander

    Perfect gift for teenage granddaughters

  31. Lisa Davenport

    Sent this to my young adult niece who adores teddy bears. It was just perfect, especially filled with her favorite cookies!

  32. V

    My son really enjoyed the cookies and the little bear!

  33. Cathy Thomas

    Great cookies, cute package.

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